About Us

Aventus Films

Aventus Films is an independent feature film motion picture production company with offices in Ottawa, Ontario, and Victoria, British Columbia Canada.

We operate using a sustainable and repeatable business model for the selection, development, production and sales of our projects. For every feature film we assess the commercial viability, market value and projected profits prior to green lighting and funding the project.

Our Mission:

    To develop and produce low risk, commercially viable and highly profitable feature films of stories worth telling, that engage and entertain the largest audience possible.

We accomplish this mission by the application of industry best practices, through our internal production management framework.



Dale Windle, President & CEO

Dale is an accomplished professional with 30+ years' experience in business; managing companies, finances, and business development. Dale has two university degrees in architecture and worked as a buildings architect for 15 years. He transitioned to Information Technology in 1993, founding a web hosting startup and a successful international IT management services company. After selling that company Dale worked in investment banking assessing and packaging technology company financing requirements.

This led to a position as CEO of a startup IT management consulting company where in addition to being CEO and CFO, Dale developed from scratch a successful consulting practice, serving dozens of private and public sector clients.

He is accomplished in the areas of business development, having developed several successful sales organizations and strategic channel partner relationships with large multi-national companies in Canada, the USA, India, China and Europe and has dealt with large multinational corporations and governments at the executive level providing critical consulting, professional services and developing programs. Dale has excellent management level reporting, documentation and presentation skills.

Dale has a keen interest in film making and in 2010 started Aventus Films. He has applied his entrepreneurial vision, energetic enthusiasm and business management skills to the film industry, fulfilling a lifelong dream to be a master story teller with film.

Previous films include the hilarious comedy American Idle and the successful, internationally distributed sci-fi thriller Rulers of Darkness, now in distribution world-wide on digital platforms, DVD and Video On Demand. Rulers of Darkness has won numerous awards, such a best feature and the Royal Reel award at the Canadian International Film Festival. It screened at the Lucerne International Film Festival in their gala screening event.


Jamison Windle | pre-production & ASSOCIaTE PRODUCER

Jamison is organized, hard working, and dependable. He has excellent people skills, is outstanding at leading teams and thrives on collaborative working relationships, respecting the input and knowledge of his team. Jamison has been working as director, assistant director, and production manager on short films, public service announcements, promotional videos and AD on feature films. Jamison and is a graduate of the Pacific Film Academy Motion Picture Production Program in Victoria, BC.



Susan has been doing accounting, bookkeeping and financial management for over 30 years. She started with her own company in the 1980s where she operated 2 full service restaurants a lunch bar and a successful catering company. She then helped develop and run a wholesale distribution company, running the books and overseeing sales and distribution activities and finances in Canada, the USA and Mexico. Since then she has done the internal accounting and book keeping for a successful IT management consulting company and a multi-faceted health and fitness business.

She will not let one cent go unaccounted for and is a master of successfully organizing and managing feature film production finances and tax credit records and accounts.



We can provide all of the services listed below, delivered in Ottawa and surrounding area. This makes all services eligible for an additional 10% regional tax credit over and above rates for shooting in Toronto, Montreal of Vancouver.

- Pre-Production

- Tax Credit Filings

- Financing and Investment

- Production Management and Production Services

- Marketing, Sales, Distribution

- Social Media Marketing