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Aventus Films is an independent feature film motion picture production company based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We operate using a sustainable and repeatable business model for the selection, development, production and sales of our projects. We develop and prodcue our films using industry best practices, through our internal production management framework. .

Rulers of Darkness
Sci-Fi Thriller

Sci-Fi Horror

Collision Curse
Thriller Horror in development

Christmas in July
Family Christmas in development

American Idle
Comedy Mockumentary

Completed film | Sci-Fi Suspense | 1080P HD | 89 Minutes | Unrated | www.RulersOfDarknessMovie.com

A 20 year old, runs away from his conservative father to the remote town where his mother died two years ago. He meets an alluring young woman. They search for answers about his mother's death and discover a terrifying entity in the woods.

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In Development | Sci-Fi Horror Thriller | 90 Minutes | Unrated | Official COLONIZER Web Site

Man vs. Alien Spore Invasion

Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's "A Colour Out of Space", set in the present day.

A disgraced veteran of the Iraqi war seeks redemption from his past transgressions at a remote New England survey camp when a meteor crashes out of space carrying an alien spore that first drives the infected insane, then consumes them.

Coming in 2015.

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Completed TV segment | Comedy Mockumentary | 1080P HD | Unrated

A spoof "mockumentary" about government workers, vying to be selected as the idlest person in America.